Entocast is a podcast all about insects and the science of entomology that is produced by Liam and Nick, two PhD students and budding entomologists from the University of Birmingham. Find out more about Entocast below and on their website. You can also follow Entocast on Facebook and Twitter.

We started Entocast because we found ourselves talking all about insects every lunch time (much to the apathy of our non-ento friends) and decided that we were hilarious, and so broadcast ourselves to the masses. Since then we’ve managed to get funding from the Royal Entomological Society and put together 12 episodes, including ones all about bees, education in entomology, and gardening, with a range of entomologically expert guests. We also agree it’s probably the most fun and rewarding thing we’ve ever decided to do!

Nick and Liam Entocasting!.

About Nick

I would say I’m a failed fieldworker, not because I’m not very good at fieldwork, but because throughout my time in science I’ve been perpetually attempting to get a fieldwork project and have failed. Now I’ve accidentally become a molecular biologist who does entomology and just so happens to do some fieldwork by walking 100m from my office (via Costa) to go check out my bees. Surprisingly this little amount of fieldwork has led to me causing a bomb scare and discovering an unknown love for mason bees.

Nick teaching in Norway

About Liam

I am an entomologist through and through, and enjoy spending most of my time outside (usually looking for insects!). I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved in lots of fieldwork, including several exotic locations! Whether it’s climbing up into the canopy, digging pitfall traps into the mud or getting stung by giant tropical wasps, I’m in my element when I’m out looking for cool bugs.

The Red Mason Bee (Osmia bicornis).
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