Have a look through these wonderful photos from our amazing featured field researchers! 

(Click the photos for full screen and then find the arrows on the left and right hand sides to scroll through photos.)

Here are some pictures that Matt Kent from Episode 1 has shared with us from his work in the peat swamps of Indonesia.

Check out these incredible photos from volcanologist Kerry Reid from Episode 2 from her time working on the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.

Take a look at these images from the mountains of the Indian Himalaya where Anna Bidgood from Episode 3 works to understand continental subduction processes.

Frances Butcher from Episode 5 talks about how she can use terrestrial fieldwork to inform our understanding of glaciers on Mars. Check out her photos!

Photographer extraordinaire David Pettifer from Episode 6 took these amazing photographs while he was working in Uganda with wild chimpanzees.

Stacy Phillips & Eleni Wood’s fieldwork in Bhutan allowed them to see some magnificent sights. Hear the stories behind the photos in Episode 7.

Jes Bartlett talks in Episode 8 about how she fulfilled a life-long dream of working in Antarctica. Check out some of the incredible things she saw whilst down there!

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