Episode 6 | Chimpanzees in Uganda | David Pettifer

Episode 6 | Chimpanzees in Uganda | David Pettifer

Back to earth for Episode 6 and we’re learning about some of our near relatives in the animal kingdom.

David Pettifer is a primatologist and behavioural ecologist at the University of Birmingham where he studies how chimpanzees age and how ageing affects their musculoskeletal health. As part of his PhD research, he recently headed out to the wilderness in Uganda to observe wild chimps and their behaviour. Whilst faced with the challenge of trying to find an elusive group of the primates, David was treated to a series of close encounters with Ugandan forest fauna both big and small. Make yourself a brew, get comfy and have a listen to this episode to find out all about the incredible animals he got up close and personal with!

Find out more about David and how he got into this field of research by going to his People page, and see the amazing photos that he took during his fieldwork on the Gallery page.

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