Episode 4 | Reasons to love fieldwork

Episode 4 | Reasons to love fieldwork

We caught up with PhD students at the 2017 CENTA conference to find out why they love fieldwork!

Fieldwork involves putting on your big boots, escaping the office and exploring new environments. It can take you everywhere from limestone grasslands in beautiful Oxfordshire to the remote Antarctic circle, all in the name of science. We headed to the 2017 CENTA conference, to ask the PhD researchers who carry out this cutting-edge science to explain why they love their fieldwork so much. Listen to find out more!

This episode features the voices of Tessa Driessen & Richard Mason from Loughborough University; Melanie Stone from the Open University; Jon MacKay, David Pettifer, Doris Wendt & Jesamine Bartlett from the University of Birmingham. Follow the links to find out more about their research on twitter!

Tessa Driessen investigating crater lakes in western Uganda

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