Episode 2 | Volcanoes in Nicaragua | Kerry Reid

Episode 2 | Volcanoes in Nicaragua | Kerry Reid

We’ve got another episode for you, showcasing exciting research from extraordinary places!

Kerry Reid is a volcanologist and PhD student at The Open University. In this podcast, she describes her fieldwork in Central America, where she studies the volcanic degassing of Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. Her work helps to predict future activity at the volcano, and is crucial to the health and livelihoods of local people in the path of the toxic cocktail of gases. Listen to hear all about her adventures, as she recounts the surprises and challenges of working on an active volcano!

You can find out more about Kerry’s research over on her People page (where you can also see amazing videos of lava lakes!), and be sure to head over to the Gallery page where you’ll find some cool photos from her fieldwork.

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